Michael Impastato - Agrarian Reform: Social Progress in Hacienda Guantug

Michael Impastato - Reforma Agraria: Promoción Humana en la Hacienda Guantug

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Subject LanguageKichwa, Cañar Highland
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Title [Indigenous]
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TitleMichael Impastato - Agrarian Reform: Social Progress in Hacienda Guantug
Language CommunityCañar, Ecuador
Place CreatedCañar, Ecuador
Date Created1967-04-XX
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DescriptionFrom the introduction to the paper:
The pages that follow constitute an evaluation undertaken during the last week of November and the first weeks of December (1967-68) in the rural zones of Hacienda Guantug and nearby areas. The observations formulated in this report are the fruit of numerous personal interviews with the attendees of courses given in Cañar and Santo Domingo and Peace Corps Volunteers Alan Adams, Gary Hagermann, and the anthropologist Alan Koloseike. The author traveled the hacienda on foot, directly interviewing the residents of different sectors of Guantug. He accompanied them in their rounds, helping to gather data related to the process of agrarian reform. The evaluation consists of five different parts: an introduction that lays out the intentions of this report and the inherent difficulties related to an evaluation of this nature; the second part narrates a short history of the Hacienda Guantug; the third part talks about the actuality and reality of Hacienda Guantug, mentioning many elements and factors that have had an important influence; the fourth part refers directly to the actions of the course attendees -- up to the first days of December, 1967; the fifth part talks of the positive and negative aspects of the courses and offers suggestions related to the continuity of the development work in the Hacienda Guantug community.
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