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New Collection: The Niels Fock & Eva Krener Photographic Collection of a Cañari Village

AILLA would like to announce the Niels Fock & Eva Krener Photographic Collection of a Cañari Village, Juncal, Cañar, Ecuador that features more than 800 photographs taken between 1973 and 1978 by Danish anthropologist Niels Fock and Eva Krener. The photographs document life in Juncal, a Kichwa-speaking Cañari town in southern Ecuador. Also included are six works (in English, Spanish and Danish) published by Fock and Krener about the town and its people.

New Collection: The Cañar Peace Corps Collection

AILLA's newest public collection is the Cañar Peace Corps Collection which features more than 400 photographs taken in the 1960s and 1970s by US Peace Corps Volunteers working in Ecuador working with the Kichwa-speaking Cañari people on projects related to issues such as agrarian reform, forestry, and artesinal products. Many photographs (some in color, others in black and white) are portraits of Cañari people or panoramas of the dramatic landscape of southern Ecuador.

New Collection: Duck and Frog Stories in Chuquisaca Quechua

AILLA proudly announces the debut of its latest public collection the Duck and Frog Stories in Chuquisaca Quechua Collection of Sue Kalt. This collection contains audio and video recordings of 25 speakers of South Bolivian Quechua narrating stories based on two visual prompts: an adaptation of Mercer Mayer's Frog, Where are You? and a six-panel comic featuring ducks and their eggs created for this project by Dr. Kalt and her collaborators.