Three heroes of the Kawésqar mythic world

Tres héroes del mundo mítico kawésqar

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Subject LanguageKawésqar
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Title [Indigenous]
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TitleThree heroes of the Kawésqar mythic world
Language CommunityChile, Patagonia occidental
Place CreatedSantiago, Chile
Date Created2012-09-16
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DescriptionIn this article the author's aim is to study the specificity of the role of the hero in two Kawésqar stories: the Tale of Annapas and the Tale of the mouse. From the reading and analysis of oral texts of this ethnic group from southern Chile, it is held that heroism, similarly linked to male character has a unique and differentiated existence, which manifests itself in the first case, through a rhetoric of actions linked to the confrontation and power and, in the second example, neglect and overcoming adversity, thanks to privileged gifts for resistance and sacrifice, which leads to the reformulation of social pacts. The hero, thus, becomes a metaphor of being male Kawésqar, obtaining therefore community prestige.
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleBrito, Eugenia (Author)
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