The Man Who Bought Animals

El Hombre Que Compraba Animales

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Subject LanguageBocotá
Language PID(s)ailla:119498
Title [Indigenous]Kuan Ede Kleble Ye Julita Oade Gige
Language of Indigenous Titlesab
TitleThe Man Who Bought Animals
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Country(ies)Costa Rica
Place CreatedSan Pedro de Montes
Date Created1988
Description [Indigenous]
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Description'The Man Who Bought Animals' is one in a series of traditional narratives told by Francisco Rodríguez Atencio, a Bocotás speaker who immigrated to Costa Rica from Panama in 1980. There are approximately 1,500 native Bocotas living in Costa Rica and the Veraguas, Bocas del Toro and Chiriquí provinces of Panama.
This narrative is an example of a non-mythologic narrative in which both humans and animals appear. In the oral tradition of the Bocotás, mythological stories can be divided into three types: a) stories about mythical beings, which sometimes include humans; b) stories about mythical beings and animals; and c) stories about animals. With respect to non- mythological narrations, specifically those set in a time when humans and animals communicated with one another, the influence of western folklore is clearly revealed. These themes are believed to have been incorporated into the oral culture of Bocotás from the Hispanic tradition.

Translation of narration into Spanish begins on page 2 (pdf). Transcription begins on page 8 (pdf).
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleRodríguez Atencio, Francisco (Speaker)
Margery Peña, Enrique (Researcher)
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