Self-depositing at AILLA

Depositors with no funding to archive or publish their data can use the AILLA Self-Deposit Tool. This tool allows depositors (and their delegated representatives) to add their data to AILLA themselves. Self-depositors can create resources, add media files to the resources, and add and edit metadata to their collections, resources and media files. If you wish to register to be a Self-Depositor, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Self-Deposit Training either in person at an AILLA Archive-a-thon or using the online Self-Deposit Training Materials below.
  2. Sign and submit the AILLA Depositor License Agreement (found below).
  3. Sign and submit the AILLA Self-Deposit Agreement (found below).
  4. Self-Depositors have the option to assign self-deposit access to one or more delegates who will work on their collection on their behalf. A delegate might be a research assistant, a team member, or someone else. If you would like to assign a delegate to your collection, please complete a AILLA Self-Deposit DELEGATE Agreement (below) for each delegate.

Training Materials

  • AILLA's Self-deposit Training Slides will explain how AILLA's self-deposit process works.
  • AILLA's Self-deposit Training Screencast was recorded on October 13, 2017 in the Documentary Linguistics Seminar in the Linguistics Department at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • The Linguistic Data Curation Tutorials include an archives neutral course (slides and tutorial videos) about how to organize your materials for archiving.

  • Forms

  • AILLA Depositor License Agreement
  • AILLA Self-Deposit Agreement
  • AILLA Self-Deposit DELEGATE Agreement
  • AILLA Metadata Spreadsheet

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