New Collection: The Isthmus Zapotec Collection of Randi Moore

AILLA proudly announces its newest collection, the Isthmus Zapotec Collection of Randi Moore. This collection of audio and video recordings made between 2012-2015 in three locations in southern Mexico's Isthmus of Tehuantepec: Juchitán de Zaragoza, La Ventosa, and Santa María Xadani. The materials are recordings made in the course of Dr. Moore's dissertation research on Isthmus Zapotec spatial language and cognition. Included are many trials of the Talking Animals task, where one person describes the arrangement of animals on a tabletop for another to replicate, Route Description recordings where one person describes the path they would take to get to a location so that another can identify the destination, and Landscape Entities sessions where Dr. Moore asked speakers of Isthmus Zapotec to name as many landscape features they could think of and then had discussions with them about the terms they mentioned. Many of these recordings have been transcribed and translated into Spanish and English.

All the EAF files containing transcriptions and translations in this collection are public and available to all AILLA users. Audio-visual files remain restricted.