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Language(s)Kuna, San Blas
Language PID(s)ailla:119499
Content typeprimary text
Date Created1970
Date Archived2021-10-23T04:00:04-05:00
Technical DescriptionThis recording contains short portions of various Kuna recordings, each introduced by Joel Sherzer in English. Some of these clips correspond to longer recordings found elsewhere in this collection, but some may not be. Originally recorded on open-reel tape, these recordings were digitized from audio cassette in 2014.

00:00:00 Mastayans narrates story of man who drowned.
00:02:45 Two old men have conversation.
00:04:43 Sayla Mastayans tell Kaa cuento.
00:05:58 Oluwitainappi reports on trip he took to learn snakebite medicine.
00:06:50 Agar Armando interprets chant of Nele Sibu.
00:09:24 The opening portion of the chant of Nele Sibu
00:13:31 Sayla Moristo advises new Sayga
00:15:39 Moristo tells Us cuento, first episode
00:18:29 Moristo chants Us cuento, first episode
00:21:21 Moristo tells Us cuento, other episodes
Encoding Specifications16/44.1 mono
Original Mediumaudio:open-reel
Quality of Original Medium3