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Language(s)Kichwa, Cañar Highland
Language PID(s)ailla:119726
Content typeprimary text
Date Created2000-xx-xx
Date Archived2021-04-21T13:28:09-05:00
Technical DescriptionTwo-part interview with "hundred-year-old" man, Eugenio Guamán, while he sits on ground and stirs barley laid out to dry, singing, showing his flutes made with condor bones and describes flying to Quito as a condor, among other tall tales. His wife joins in to tend to the barley. We eventually follow him into his ancient adobe house for a tour of his altar, a wall covered with old photos, religious and decorative images and newspapers. He shows us his hand-woven clothes and wooly chaps. Exterior shots of house and surroundings of mountains, fields and animals. Primarily in Kichwa. Filmed by Judy Blankenship with Isaura Quiroz and Ryan Comandich. Sisid, Caguanapampa, Cañar.
Original Mediumvideo:digital
Quality of Original Medium5