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Language(s)Nahuatl, Guerrero
Language PID(s)ailla:119543
Content typeprimary text
Date Created1984-11-09
Date Archived2007-07-10
Technical Description02 Tista Díaz: Carnival discussion and songs
Sony 150A portable tape recorder, digitized at U. Penn (LDC);
Electrostatic microphone.
These are several songs recorded on analog tape (poor quality) and then digitized at the Linguistic Data Consortium, U. Penn, apparently around 1999 by Kaz Maeda. It was originally filed on Nahuatl #1. Note that apparently the conversation continued a few minutes onto another tape from the same date. But this should be checked. Apprently this is the case, the continued conversation is carnival_conversation_T_Diaz_Am.wav: a 6:43 minute discussion also on Digital #2.
Encoding Specifications16/44.1 mono
Original Mediumaudio:cassette
Quality of Original Medium3