Teotepec Chatino Collection of Justin McIntosh

Colección del Chatino de Teotepec de Justin McIntosh

Object Details

Collection LanguageChatino, Eastern, Santa Lucía Teotepec
Language PIDailla:119701
Title [Indigenous]chaʔ-F-tnyo ʔį-E jychę-A jʔo-E
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleTeotepec Chatino Collection of Justin McIntosh
Collector(s)McIntosh, Justin
Depositor(s)McIntosh, Justin
Project/Collector Website
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionTeotepec Eastern Chatino is a highly endangered Otomanguean language of Oaxaca, Mexico. A strong emphasis of this project has been placed on speaker training and community participation at historical and cultural documentation. Teotepec Chatino speakers have been trained to document the language historically and culturally with the aim of producing uniquely community-focused documentation to reflect Teotepec Chatino's rich but quickly disappearing body of narratives and procedural text. The resulting collection consists of an integrated corpus of transcribed and analyzed texts which augments previous work on Teotepec Chatino and is valuable to both native speakers and scholars.