Multilingual Regions in Southwestern Amazonia

Regiones plurlingües en la Amazonia sudoccidental

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TitleMultilingual Regions in Southwestern Amazonia
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The southwestern Amazon region, on the headwaters of the Madeira River, is a region of impressive genealogical linguístic diversity, counting up to 10 linguistic isolates and seven language families. It is a region with some of the earliest attestations of plant domestication for food, such as peanut, peach palm and manioc. In spite of the lack of serious natural barriers, the region is vast and its indigenous populations used to belong to several different culture areas. Although certain striking similarities between the different languages can be attributed to areal diffusion, the region does not represent a single clearly definable linguistic area. It is likely that some subregions contain traces of small-scale multilingualism. Unfortunately, outside ‘Western’ cultural, demographic and economic interference has thoroughly changed the original situation. In my contribution, I will present evidence for small-scale multilingualism in the southwestern Amazon, attempting to reconstruct a picture of two specific multilingual regions, and I will discuss how the remainders of traditional multilingualism have co-determined the current situation in southern Rondônia, Brazil.
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