Gomez-Imbert Negatives

Negativas de Gómez-Imbert

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Subject LanguageTatuyo
Language PID(s)ailla:119770
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleGomez-Imbert Negatives
Language CommunityTatuyo & Barasana
Place CreatedVaupés Department, Colombia
Date Created1983
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThis collection of images were digitized from negatives taken by Elsa Gómez-Imbert during her research activities in Colombia. See file egi_negatives_00_image_descriptions.csv for captions of each images. The negatives were digitized by Digitization Services at the University of Texas Libraries in 2019. Some images were excluded from this collection due to their poor quality or not pertaining to Gómez-Imbert's research activities, and therefore there are gaps in the numeration of the images. Contents: egi_negatives_01_strip01_0001_am.tif -- Bosco's maloca in Rekó-yá, tributary of Okó-~suá-ya= Caño Colorado [Barasana]: toasting ants. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip01_0002_am.tif -- Bosco's maloca in Rekó-yá, tributary of Okó-~suá-ya= Caño Colorado. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip01_0003_am.tif -- Bosco (Barasana) and his second wife Ligia (Bará). Maloca on Rekó-yá, tributary of Okó-~suá-ya= Caño Colorado. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip01_0004_am.tif -- Making traps for ants. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip02_0003_am.tif -- The product of the ant hunt. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip02_0004_am.tif -- Landing strip in Sonaña. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip03_0001_am.tif -- Golden eagle. Snake-Eagle. ~hídó-gaá [Barasana]. ~pídó-aá [Tatuyo]. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip03_0002_am.tif -- Golden eagle. Snake-Eagle. ~hídó-gaá [Barasana]. ~pídó-aá [Tatuyo]. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip03_0003_am.tif -- Golden eagle. Snake-Eagle. ~hídó-gaá [Barasana]. ~pídó-aá [Tatuyo]. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip03_0004_am.tif -- A peach palm (Guilielma sp.) is always planted near a maloca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip04_0001_am.tif -- Preparing peach palm. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip04_0002_am.tif -- Woman making manioc bread. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip04_0003_am.tif -- Making traps for ants. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip04_0004_am.tif -- Magnificent ceramic pots alongside aluminum pots. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip05_0001_am.tif -- A pot and a stand with the balay of manioc bread. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip05_0002_am.tif -- Bosco doing a shamanic blowing with his first wife María [Bará]. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip05_0004_am.tif -- Returning from the hunt with a peccary in the canoe. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip06_0001_am.tif -- Children carrying the peccary toward the maloca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip06_0002_am.tif -- The hunter Bosco with his prey. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip07_0002_am.tif -- Bosco's son Rafael drawing in the sand near the maloca's patio. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip07_0003_am.tif -- Making baskets in front of the maloca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_01_strip07_0004_am.tif -- Ligia [Bará] in the principal port of the maloca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip01_0001_am.tif -- Preparing peach palm. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip01_0002_am.tif -- Woman painting her daughter with carayurú. Maloca of Joaquín [Tatuyo] midway on the path between Sonaña and Rekóyá. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip01_0003_am.tif -- A woman and her daughter. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip01_0004_am.tif -- Girl in the chagra field. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip02_0001_am.tif -- Bosco's elder brother Francisco wearing ceremonial attire. Bosco's maloca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip02_0002_am.tif -- Bosco's elder brother Francisco wearing ceremonial attire. Bosco's maloca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip02_0003_am.tif -- Bosco's wife María with her puppies. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip02_0004_am.tif -- Bosco's wife María with her puppies. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip03_0001_am.tif -- Man making baskets. Maloca of Joaquín [Tatuyo] midway on the path between Sonaña and Rekoya. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip03_0002_am.tif -- Boy in the river. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip03_0003_am.tif -- Unknown youth. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip04_0002_am.tif -- Coral snake. Bosco's maloca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip04_0003_am.tif -- Francisco and his puppy. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip04_0004_am.tif -- Rafael in the maloca's patio. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip05_0001_am.tif -- Weaving baskets. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip05_0003_am.tif -- María feeding a pigeon. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip06_0001_am.tif -- Rafael with blowgun. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip06_0002_am.tif -- Rafael with blowgun. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip06_0003_am.tif -- Barasana youth with blowgun. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip07_0001_am.tif -- Bosco. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip07_0002_am.tif -- Elsa Gómez-Imbert painted with carayurú. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip07_0003_am.tif -- María with manioc shoots to plant. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip07_0004_am.tif -- Ligia with manioc shoots to plant. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip08_0001_am.tif -- Bosco painted with carayurú. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip08_0002_am.tif -- Woman with a bunch of delicious edible frogs. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip08_0003_am.tif -- Crocodile. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip08_0004_am.tif -- Francisco and an unidentified woman. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip09_0002_am.tif -- Bosco and his wife returning from the hunt. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip09_0003_am.tif -- Bosco and his wife returning from the hunt. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip09_0004_am.tif -- A puppy in its hammock. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip10_0001_am.tif -- Bosco winnowing coca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip10_0002_am.tif -- María. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip10_0003_am.tif -- Chagra field. 1983-02. egi_negatives_02_strip10_0004_am.tif -- The maloca. 1983-02. egi_negatives_03_strip01_0001_am.tif -- Dance poles in San Miguel del Pirá. 1987-11. egi_negatives_03_strip01_0002_am.tif -- Vitalino Marín [Barasana] the chief of San Miguel doig preparations for the feast. 1987-11. egi_negatives_03_strip02_0001_am.tif -- Mitú. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip03_0001_am.tif -- Mitú. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip03_0002_am.tif -- Mitú. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip04_0001_am.tif -- Mitú. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip04_0002_am.tif -- Río Vaupés. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip04_0003_am.tif -- Mitú. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip04_0004_am.tif -- Mitú. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip05_0001_am.tif -- Mitú. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip05_0002_am.tif -- Mitú. 1987-10. egi_negatives_03_strip05_0003_am.tif egi_negatives_03_strip05_0004_am.tif egi_negatives_03_strip06_0002_am.tif -- Making dance poles. San Miguel del Pirá. 1987-11. egi_negatives_03_strip06_0003_am.tif -- Making dance poles. San Miguel del Pirá. 1987-11. egi_negatives_03_strip06_0004_am.tif -- Making dance poles. San Miguel del Pirá. 1987-11. egi_negatives_04_strip01_0002_am.tif -- Jaybird. egi_negatives_04_strip01_0003_am.tif -- Tintín. egi_negatives_04_strip01_0004_am.tif -- Tintín. egi_negatives_04_strip03_0001_am.tif -- Parrot. egi_negatives_04_strip11_0001_am.tif -- Elsa Gómez-Imbert with an Edúuria family. This photo and many of the following photographs were taken in Sonaña (~sóda-ya), an Edúuria (or Taiwano) village. 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip11_0002_am.tif -- The younger son of Francisco (or Siku) the Edúuria chief of Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip11_0003_am.tif -- Elsa Gómez-Imbert in Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip11_0004_am.tif -- Sonaña children. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip12_0001_am.tif -- Sonaña children. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip12_0002_am.tif -- Sonaña children. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip12_0003_am.tif -- Sonaña children. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip12_0004_am.tif -- Jesús Sánchez, Barasana [clan ~kadá-dária], the husband of Estela, Edúuria the daughter of the chief Francisco. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip13_0001_am.tif -- Fred, Edúuria, son of the chief Francisco. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip13_0002_am.tif -- Blue-billed currasow. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip13_0003_am.tif -- Mother with her baby. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip13_0004_am.tif -- Mother with her baby. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip14_0002_am.tif -- Fred the odontologist. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip14_0003_am.tif -- Fred the odontologist. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip14_0004_am.tif -- Unknown man and bird. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip15_0001_am.tif -- Blue-billed currasow. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip15_0003_am.tif -- Macaw. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip15_0004_am.tif -- Sonaña children. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip16_0002_am.tif -- The wife of the chief Francisco with her macaw, Elsa Gómez-Imbert and a teenager. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip17_0001_am.tif -- Macaw. Sonaña (~sóda-ya). 1990-11. egi_negatives_04_strip18_0001_am.tif -- Evening on the Pirá. egi_negatives_04_strip18_0002_am.tif -- Evening on the Pirá. egi_negatives_04_strip20_0002_am.tif -- Blue-billed currasow. egi_negatives_07_strip01_0002_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip02_0001_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip02_0002_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip02_0003_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip02_0004_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip03_0001_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip03_0002_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip03_0003_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip03_0004_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip04_0001_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip04_0002_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip04_0003_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip04_0004_am.tif egi_negatives_07_strip05_0003_am.tif -- Chinchon: rohé [Tatuyo]. egi_negatives_07_strip06_0002_am.tif -- Periqueet. kuyári. egi_negatives_07_strip06_0003_am.tif -- Chinchon: rohé [Tatuyo]. egi_negatives_08_strip01_0001_am.tif -- Manuel Valencia [Karapana], the older son of Julio Valencia, the chief of San Pedro del Ti. This and the rest of the black and white photos that follow are from Gómez-Imbert's first trip to San Pedro del Ti, a Karapana village on the Ti river. egi_negatives_08_strip01_0002_am.tif -- Manuel Valencia's children. egi_negatives_08_strip01_0004_am.tif -- Cristina Rodríguez [Tatuyo] making manioc bread. egi_negatives_08_strip01_0005_am.tif -- Manuel Valencia's children. egi_negatives_08_strip03_0002_am.tif -- Julio Valencia [Karapana], the chief of San Pedro del Ti, weaving a basket. egi_negatives_08_strip04_0001_am.tif -- Elsa Gómez-Imbert at chief Julio Valencia's house. egi_negatives_08_strip04_0002_am.tif -- Julio Valencia [Karapana], the chief of San Pedro del Ti, weaving a basket. egi_negatives_08_strip05_0001_am.tif -- Cristina Rodríguez [Tatuyo] making rope. egi_negatives_08_strip06_0001_am.tif -- Making a canoe. egi_negatives_08_strip06_0002_am.tif -- Making a canoe. egi_negatives_08_strip07_0005_am.tif -- Cristina Rodríguez [Tatuyo] rowing. egi_negatives_08_strip08_0003_am.tif -- A woman stands by the doorway of a house next to two young children. egi_negatives_08_strip08_0004_am.tif -- A man wearing rubber boots poses for a photo. egi_negatives_08_strip08_0005_am.tif -- A man wearing rubber boots and a woman pose for a photo.
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleGómez-Imbert, Elsa (Photographer)
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