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Subject LanguageKichwa, Cañar Highland
Language PID(s)ailla:119726
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleMinidisc Recordings
Language CommunityCañari Kichwa
United States
Place CreatedCañar, Ecuador
Date Created
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DescriptionThis is a collection of recordings made by Judy Blankenship on a Sony Minidisc recorder between 2001 and 2009, primarily in Cañar, Ecuador.

001_Mama_Michi_Curandera-_Life_History.wav -- Mama Michi realized she was a native healer beginning with her childhood. Learning medicinal plants from her aunts, and ceremonial rituals from others, she slowly built her practice and fame that took her to Canada, Mexico and beyond. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Portland, Oregon. 2005-10-17
002_Mama_Juana_Pichisaca_-_Carnival_Songs.wav -- Mama Juana, speaking in quichua, talks about the songs of Carnival, then sings four songs: Chito, Novia Castigo, Llorando y Marido Perdido. Interviewers: Judy Blankenship and Mercedes Guamán Mayancela. Cañar. 2001-07-00
003_Mariana_Chuma1_Midwife_-_Home_Birth_Practices.wav -- Mariana Chuma, trained nurse and midwife, explains in detail a home birth, using both ""Western"" medicine and traditional practices. She describes the stages while viewing a series of photos taken by Judy Blankenship during an earlier home birth with Mariana. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2006-04-22
004_Mariana_Chuma2_Midwife_-__El_Cinco_.wav -- Mariana Chuma, trained nurse and midwife, describes the rituals and practices of ""El Cinco,"" the fifth day after birth when the baby and new mother are bathed with herbs and flowers, and the condition of both is checked. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2006-04-22
005_Mariana_Chuma3_Midwife_-_Life_History.wav -- Mariana Chuma, trained nurse and midwife, tells the story of her life, beginning with her childhood. She covers her unusual early education as an indigenous child, then as a trained nurse assigned to a community clinic. She tells how ""medicina nativa"" was forbidden and could send a practitioner to jail. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2006-04-22
006_Mama_Paula_Duy_Folktales.wav -- Mama Paula Duy tells us several folktales ,among them Serpent in the Lake, Lashakos, The Ladies Man, Mama Awardona, Urku Yaya and other. Interviewers: Judy Blankenship and Paiwa Maintano. Cañar. 2006-04-30
007_Juanito_Tenasaca_-_Archeological_finds.wav -- Juanito Tenesaca tells tales about he and others finding and selling ceramic pieces and relics from arqueological sites in Cañar, within a context of the hacienda, museums and of local traders creating fakes. Interviewers: Judy Blankenship and Alexandra Kennedy. Cañar. 2006-05-01
008_Maria_Clara_Mainato_Acero_-_Songs.wav -- Mama Maria Clara, with a beautiful high voice, sings songs, with Jose Miguel Chuma explaining them: Travel to Quito on Horseback to bring Salt; Mala Cristiana; Little Deer (?); Jubaleña; Padrino/Madrina. (At 24:21 her daughter Clarita begins to sing the last few songs.). Interviewers: Judy Blankenship and Jose Miguel Acero. Cañar. 2001-07
009_Pedro_Solano_-_History_Festival_Cycle.wav -- Pedro describes the importance of the festival cycle to the culture Cañari: how animals, elements, tools, crops, and especially nature are essential the culture of the Cañari people and their fiestas. The agriculture cycle provides the four principal fiestas of the year. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2006-02-22
010_Pedro_Solano_-_History_Fiesta_de_San_Antonio.wav -- Description of the Fiesta de San Antonio de Padua celebrated in the community of Junducuchu, Quilloac, Cañar. Prepartions last all year and the fiesta itself lasts eight days, including escaramuzas with horseback riders; contradanzas, fireworks, hired bands, and a bullfight on the final day. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2006-05-23
011_Paiwa_Acero_Mainato_Folktales.wav -- Paiwa, 10 years, grandaughter of Mama Paula Duy, retells the stories her grandmother told in recording 006. (See transcriptions.). Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2006-03-20
012_Challi_Chuchi_en_español.wav -- Children's song: The Walking Chick. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2009-04-03
013_Challi_Chuchi_en_kichwa.wav -- Children's song: Challi purik chuchi. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2009-04-04
014_Chuzalongo__kichwa.wav -- Children's song: Chuza lunku. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2009-03-26
015_Chuzalongo_español.wav -- Children's song: Chuza Longo. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2009-03-27
016_El_Hombre_que_se_convirtió_en_palo.wav -- Paiwa, 10 years, tells the folktale of The Man Who Turned into a Tree for Being So Lazy. Interviewer: Judy Blankenship. Cañar. 2009-04-03
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleBlankenship, Judy (Recorder)
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