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Materiales de Alfonso Casasnovas

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Subject LanguageHup
Language PID(s)ailla:119685
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleAlfonso Casasnovas materials
Language CommunityDoe-ya of the Traíra igarapé and left bank of the Tiquié river.
Place CreatedUpper Rio Negro region, Amazonas
Date Created1974
Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionTwo stories in the language of the "Doe-ya" (Hup) of the Traíra igarapé and the left bank of the Tiquié river collected in 1974 by Alfonso Casasnovas. The text "Boraró story" is presented in three lines: the first in Hup, the second in Tucano, and the third in Portuguese. The "Dog story" similarly translates the text into Tucano and Portuguese, with the original Hup presented in two lines, one representing running speech and the other with "separation into monosyllables for study".

Casasnovas gave these two stories to Renato Athias.
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