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Subject LanguageEnenlhet
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Title [Indigenous]
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Language CommunityPozo Amarillo
Place CreatedNueva Unión, Pozo Amarillo
Date Created2019-08-26
Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionThis resource includes four sets of elicitation materials designed as a starting point for discussing plants of the Chaco. The elicitation guides reflect the information included in:
1. Arenas, Pastor. 1981. Etnobotánica Lengua-Maskoy. Foundación para la education, la ciencia y la cultura. Buenos Aires, Argentina
2. Polini, Giuseppe. 2018. Medicinal plants of Paraguay: Region of Chaco. Feeding from the Forest. Available at
3. Polini, Giuseppe. 2018. Useful and edible plants of Paraguay: Region of Chaco. Feeding from the Forest. Available at
Although these books include Enxet Sur terminology and the data were collected in the Enxet Sur community of El Estribo, many of the plant terms are cognate, so including that information was quite helpful. The pictures in the presentations come from these books and from other online sources. Taxonomic and ethnographic notes are included when relevant. The recording is primarily of Miguel Romero and the researcher talking about plants based on these guides. Nota bene: in some cases, the same name was provided for different species. We revisited those later to make sure that was indeed the case, and in some cases the names given for a species changed. See the resource titled "Ethnobotany revisions" for updated nomenclature.
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleRomero, Miguel (Speaker)
Heaton, Raina (Researcher)
Romero, Manolo (Speaker, Translator)
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