Presentation of the Work of the Indigenous Mayoral Council that Was Done for Two Years

Presentación del Trabajo del Alcalde Indígena que Hicieron durante Dos Años

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Subject LanguageIxil
Language PID(s)ailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]Ik'utch tu Alkalte Indigena u Taq'on uva' Kat Taq'omv tuulb'al Kaval Ya'b'
Language of Indigenous Titleixl
TitlePresentation of the Work of the Indigenous Mayoral Council that Was Done for Two Years
Language CommunityChajul
Place CreatedSalon de Fundamaya, Vi' Patna, Quiché, Guatemala
Date Created2018-02-22
Description [Indigenous]U B’oq’ol Q’esal Tenam tetz Tx’aul a’ nik iyolb’ej ti’ uva’ kam u aq’on kat ib’an tuulb’al va’l ya’b’ atz ti’ taq’ u toxpaq alkalte ib’anil ik’u’l inq’a tenam skaqayil atz nik tal uva’ nikich ich’ixv tej u b’aara b’axaxhtu’, uva’ tcheel vete’ tan kat tootzaqila’ uva’ tokeba'l inq'a ixoq, atz nik taq’ ta'n tiuxh uva’ ex ab’iloq te vitzumel echetz sti’ile at tzitza, tan ye'l o' tchoel koq o' sti' pet tuch’ qaanima nik aq’onvik o’ tan a' nik qilb'en ti' inq'a nitxa' uva’ ya'n nik ich'ije'.
Language of Indigenous Descriptionixl
DescriptionThe B'oq'ol Q'esal Tenam of Chajul are celebrating the change of authorities and taking the opportunity to give their reports. They were also welcomed by the third mayor, who is commenting that at first she felt shame for exercising her position and for carrying a scepter in her hand, but now the rights of women are already known, and she thanks them because they went to ask her husband for his permission, because that is why she is here. “They are not paying us, but it is by our will that we are working for the welfare of new generations.”
Source NoteIXIL-CJL-DES-MCB-2018-02-22-0121
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleCaba Batz, Miguel (Speaker)
Caba Mendoza, Pedro (Creator)
Mateo Ramírez, Domingo (Creator, Transcriber, Translator)
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