Magdalena's Description of the Start of the War in the Past

La Descripción de Magdalena de la Empieza de la Guerra en el Pasado

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Subject LanguageIxil
Language PID(s)ailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]Yol ti' uva' Ixe't u Tch'a'oj Sna'yej
Language of Indigenous Titleixl
TitleMagdalena's Description of the Start of the War in the Past
Language CommunityChajul
Place CreatedAcademia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala, Pulay, Quiché, Guatemala
Date Created2016-11-30
Description [Indigenous]Nik tal u xaol ti’ ixe't u tch'a'oj sna'ya, tuulb'al uva' atich inq'a sol nikichaq kuxh telq'alaq vaak sna'ya, imolaqetz vet tib' inq'a xaol, kam sti'il nik telq'al kuvaak trate toq kuxee u elq'om xe’taqe, xeeletz vete', tul sol b’ak nikich elq'an, tul nikich tchi'e’, tal vet inq'a xaol qojqala b'en sol tan kantchaq nik ib'an sol tkutenam xe’taqe, ech sti'ile tul xe't vet u tch'a'oj, tzitzi kuxh vet elaqetz vet inq'a kumol jaq' tze', oksalaq vet skeril, b'enetz vet jolt inq'a kumol spatrulla, ijatx vet tib’ intxutx tuch' inb'aal iq'aq'al u tch'a'oj, ya’lulaq ixoq, elq'alaq kamaq etz, tz'esalaq kuko'm, kaqayil motx yan vet ta'n sol, at xaol kam itxutx, kam ib'aal, q'onetz kat ya' vet u tch’a’oj tul kat ok vet u akuerdo de paz, tul b’anax vet firmar.
Language of Indigenous Descriptionixl
DescriptionWhat the person describes to us is the beginning of the war when the soldiers were still there. There was cow theft, so the people organized themselves. "Why do they rob our cows? Out of pure lawfulness we will take care of them and we will find the thief." They watched. "If the soldiers stole them and consumed them," the people said, "let's take the soldiers out because they are the cause of the robbery in our town." That's why the war started. Then our neighbors fled into the mountain and they designated them as guerrillas, and others went to patrol on the behalf of the soldiers. My parents separated because of the war. The soldiers raped women, stole many belongings from people, burned cornfields. The soldiers destroyed many things, many people’s mothers and fathers died, but little by little the war ended, and the peace agreements came into force and they signed them.
Source NoteIXIL-CJL-HIS-MVR-2016-11-30-0062
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleVi' Rivera, Magdalena (Speaker)
Caba Mendoza, Pedro (Creator)
Mateo Ramírez, Domingo (Creator, Transcriber, Translator)
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