Names of the Cantons in Chajul

Nombres de los Cantones que Existen en Chajul

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Subject LanguageIxil
Language PID(s)ailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]Ib'ij inq'a Atib'al tuulb'al Kutenam
Language of Indigenous Titleixl
TitleNames of the Cantons in Chajul
Language CommunityChajul
Place CreatedAcademia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala, Pulay, Quiché, Guatemala
Date Created2017-08-31
Description [Indigenous]U Yol nik talax tzitza a’ kuxh nik taq’ax ootzaqiloq sqej ti’ inq’a atib’al at tu qutenam Xhan Kaxhpal, ke’ch ikajej, atz tal tzaak inq’a xaol ul jeqe’voq stuul, atz kam sti’il ok kuxh inq’a b’ij sti’ uva’ ootzaqimal sqa’n tcheel, tul jab’iste inq’a atib’al uva’ ye’xh kam maas ootzaqimal sqa’n tul nik talax inuqul ke’ch tok sti’ uva’ nik talax vet kanton paqte.
Language of Indigenous Descriptionixl
DescriptionWe are given a review of the places that are in San Gaspar Chajul, why it stayed that way, where the people who now live here came from, why they were given those names that we know now, and which are the places that are not recognized, and they explain to us why their names are also called cantons.
Source NoteIXIL-CJL-HIS-GBC-2017-08-31-0088
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleDel Barrio Caba, Gaspar (Speaker)
Caba Mendoza, Pedro (Creator)
Mateo Ramírez, Domingo (Creator, Transcriber, Translator)
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