How to Find a Specialist in Basket- and Hat-Making

Cómo Encontrar un Especialista en la Fabricación de Canastos y Sombreros

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Subject LanguageIxil
Language PID(s)ailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]Kam la' Qulb'ej Ileqex va'l naq uva' Nikxh b'iton Xu'k atz tuch' Ib'itix B'ojb'al
Language of Indigenous Titleixl
TitleHow to Find a Specialist in Basket- and Hat-Making
Language CommunityChajul
Place CreatedAcademia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala, Pulay, Quiché, Guatemala
Date Created2018-01-31
Description [Indigenous]Kam la' qulb'ej ileqex va'l naq uva' nikxh b'iton xu'k, chich oxva’l inq’a qitz’in qatzik svatzaq tan mamala xaol nik b’anon a’ kuxh la qale uva’ la yolon naq ke’ch itx’olt naq atz kam nik tulb’ej naq tok inq’a tze’ atz nik ib’en vet xu’k, atz seb’tiyolon naq tul seb’t naq ti’ ib’it u xu’k, chichaq s-eche svatzaq.
Language of Indigenous Descriptionixl
DescriptionHow are we going to find a suitable man who knows how to make an artisan basket? Such is the conversation of our three participants. There are many people who make them, but what is wanted is: for him to tell them how he started [making the basket], how the the pieces of wood are added and it becomes a basket, for him to talk while he is making the basket. That is what they talk about to each other.
Source NoteIXIL-CJL-CON-GGS-2018-01-31-0116
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleDel Barrio Caba, Gaspar (Speaker)
Caba Mendoza, Pedro (Creator)
Mateo Ramírez, Domingo (Creator, Transcriber, Translator)
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