An Account of Forced Labor on the Road Construction Project

Un Recuento de Trabajo Obligado en el Proyecto de Construcción de la Carretera

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Subject LanguageIxil
Language PID(s)ailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]Isuuchilil u aq'on ti' ipax u b'ey
Language of Indigenous Titleixl
TitleAn Account of Forced Labor on the Road Construction Project
Language CommunityNebaj
Place CreatedAcademia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala, Pulay, Quiché, Guatemala
Date Created2016-11-30
Description [Indigenous]Na'yla yol tii' u paxi b'eye', ni tal ak pape' as na'ytzan as mayulik vi b'aal aake', poro ta'ne tan nu kuxh itxiypu chaak as tx'iiel kuxh chaak ni b'anpe' as oy q'ii chit ni b'an chaak, as ni tal vas ib'aal aake' as na'ytzan as atik unq'a b'ooq'ole' ve' tu santa curuz, as tul uva' ni tul yol ta'n chajnaj va' la b'en eloj unq'a u'je' as komo ye'l ch'ich' as ma't kuxh txiypoj unq'a xoole' ve' at ikaay as chaak ma'tej ti' tijat unq'a vee' as oy q'ii chit ni b'an chaak, as tul uva' ye' ni tz'aj unq'a kaaye' as ma't unq'a  ijtz'ome' unq'a xoole' ve' ni taja unq'a ijatze' ti' iqul, poro ta'ne' tan kat kuxh txiypu chaak as kat teq'o ve't chaak chij imeexha tze' as ni toon chaak ta'n ka'va'l q'ii, as kat kuxh teq'o chaak tal ivootz' as tul uva' kat i'l chaak as a' kat i'l kat chaak k'atz chun a' as kat toksa chaak ixamal as kat imu' chaak tal ivootz'e' xe' tz'a'la a' as kat tx'a'n chaak, kat tilcha vet u ijlenale' va' ni  pal chaak peena as kat talcha vet naj va' la paxil b'ey, poro ta'ne' tan an kuxh chaak kat paxin uk b'eye' as kat kuxh toya chaak iq'ii as ye'l ma'l choom kat ib'an u ijlenale' te chaak, as tul uva' kat xe't ipaxi vet chaak uk b'eye' as kat ul vet asaron, bareta, piocha, as kat ul vet ib'ooq'ol u aq'one' as ye' kuxh isa' va' la txakeb' chen unb'ooj chaak as kat q'ospu chaak ta'n taq'il tze' ni tel iq'ospu chaak as ye'l chaak chooel, poro kat chit pal chaak peena tan ye' ni pax unq'a k'ub'e' oora as kam kuxh txumb'al ni chuk chaak aq'el uva' la pax uk k'ub'e', as mam peena ipaleb'e chaak as ye'l chaak chooel ti ipax u b'eye' ti' ib'en tu santa kuruse'
Language of Indigenous Descriptionixl
DescriptionConstruction of the road. The narrator says that his father in this time was a community elder, but they were obligated to lend this service without having a salary. The government of Santa Cruz, Quiché already existed, and since it was the greatest authority, well, the order had come from there to go to collect papers, books, and how there was no transport. What the community elder did was capture and force people who had a horse to go and collect all of the cargo, but when the horses weren’t enough, the people who carried went. They took their carrier made of wood (tumpline), they went with a load, and they returned with a load so they could eat during the commute. They only brought very toasted tortillas, and when they rested, they did so close to a well. They would make a fire and re-wet their tortilla in hot water and eat. When the government saw all the suffering, it gave an order that they had to make the road from Nebaj to Quiché, but it was suffering for them because they themselves constructed the road with their own forces. They did it in a form that was forced and free. They sent pickaxes, hoes, and crowbars to be able to destroy the large rocks and make the road. In spite of what they did for free, they mistreated them because when they got tired and tried to rest, they hit them with the root of a tree that looked like the root of the chayote tree. The construction of the road was based in sacrificing the people without giving them salary.
Source NoteIXIL-NEB-HIS-PAZ-2016-11-30-1029
Contributor(s) Individual / Rolede Paz de Paz, Pablo (Speaker)
Cedillo de Paz, Domingo Abraham (Creator, Interviewer)
Chamay Rodríguez, Ana (Transcriber, Translator)
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