A Description of Clothing During the Participant's Youth

Una Descripción de la Ropa Durante la Juventud del Participante

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Subject LanguageIxil
Language PID(s)ailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]Ni talpi suuchil kam toksa'min u xoole' ti txulalil na'ytzan
Language of Indigenous Titleixl
TitleA Description of Clothing During the Participant's Youth
Language CommunityNebaj
Place CreatedNebaj
Date Created2017-04-12
Description [Indigenous]Isuuchil ni tal ak pape' va' kam toksa'min chaak na'ytzan, as ni tal aak va' na'ytzan as xi'l karneelo' ni b'anb'e chaak, as at chen tal ikaalaxh chaak ti' ib'anat tuch u xi'l karneeloe', as b'axel ni xee chaak as ti' vet u vee as kat toksa vet chaak ti' u kaalaxhe', as tul uva' ni toleb' vet chaak ti' b'anpu tuche' as kat kuxh ixot chaak iqul as kat toksa vet chaak, ech chen koj vet unq'a ixoje' tan a' u moorka chike' ni b'anb'e cha'maj u q'ej chike', as a'n kuxh u kaj chike' kat xe'ti as a' xe'tik kat tzan tu chinapul, as viq'enaj cha'maje' as a' u chiname' ni b'anon,  ni b'ali cha'maj tu saako xo'l jo'k, as at ka'va'l tze' ve' ni q'oson aq'el uva' la itxey tib'  as kat ijek' vet aak ti pechich, as kat iq'in vet aak as kat je' vet ti' tze' as kat ta'cha ku cha'maj ivatz, tal ch'ut, seter tuk' talaj tz'ikin,  as tamen tan ni b'anax txo' xi', rante'l, as eche' unq'a naje' as chanaj  ni b'anon ib'oob'al tuk' paalma as a'e' ye' ni maye' tan komo va'l talal, as eche' unq'aj ixoje'  tul kat oleb' cha'maj ti' viq'enaje' as kat kuxh ixot cha'maja iqul as kat  itz'is cha'maj tuk' iq'ab', as vik'alb'al cha'maje'  as an kuxh  u xi'l karneelo' ni b'anon as echat kuxh vik'alb'al unq'a naje' patej an kuxh u xi'l karneelo'e' ni b'anon, as eche' na'ytzan a' kuxh uk manta atike  ve' q'ante'l ta chen kuxh chanaj ti' lab' as lab'e' vee ni b'anb'e chanaj ti' b'anat isakurixh, as at chitu va' chemel chen visakurixh unq'a naje' ni b'anpe', as visinta cha'maje' as a' chen u txiie' ve' kereyo txiie' ni b'anon,  as vikamixh unq'a naje' as nu kuxh ixot chanaj iqul as ni toksa chanaj, as u sakurixhe' as nu kuxh itz'is chanaj ta'n iq'ab' as ni toksa chanaj, as tamen tan ni b'anax txo' xi', rantel tuk' u xi'l karneeloe', as a' chen kuxh kaayil u vaa' kat tal aak pape' ti' toksamin chaak na'ytzan va' a' kuxh u xi'l karneelo'e', tuk' i chiname' kata b'anb'eli ti' toksa'm chaak
Language of Indigenous Descriptionixl
DescriptionThe narrator says that during his youth, there was not clothing like that of today; rather, people made their clothing with sheep wool. With sheep wool, they made shirts, pants, and sweaters. When they finished weaving the cloth, they perforated the body of it. Then, they sewed beneath the arm, and wore it to finish sewing the cloth. They used to have a wooden mold with nails. First, they combed the wool, then they put the wool on their mold to make the cloth. However, the women’s corte (traditional skirt) was brought here from Huehuetenango and it was black. The women used cotton to weave their güipils (traditional blouses). First, they had to turn the cotton into thread to be able to weave with it. They put the cotton in a sack with dried corn husks. Then they hit it with two sticks of the same size, and when they amassed a large quantity, they wound it around a stick. Then, when they were finished winding it, they arranged the thread over sticks to weave it. They embroidered designs like circles or little birds. He says that in that time, a type of yellowish cloth existed. Some people used this cloth to make pants. The women used  a band on their head and they made it out of a red thread, which used to be the only kind of thread that existed; red was the only color there was. The men used a hat, and they made it out of palm leaves. It was a very heavy hat. They made jackets and coats with the sheep wool. Sheep wool and cotton used to be the only material there was for the people to make clothes to wear.
Source NoteIXIL-NEB-HIS-MIB-2017-04-12-1037
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