How to talk to people who talk Chekel 'differently': The Chuj (Mayan) solution

Cómo hablar con los que hablan chekel 'diferente': La solución chuj (maya)

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TitleHow to talk to people who talk Chekel 'differently': The Chuj (Mayan) solution
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Country(ies)United States
Place CreatedChicago, Illinois, US
Date Created1982-05-19
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DescriptionFrom the introduction to the dissertation: This study examines language use among the Chuj (Maya) of northwestern Guatemala. First, a general bibliographic overview of the social variables which can affect language use, code and register selection is given. This is followed by an ethnographic sketch of the Chuj communities, situating the study and introducing those social variables likely to interact with speech options. A schema of the Chuj grammar highlights those points on which the two major dialects differ, those aspects which might be altered in cross-dialectal exchanges. The spectrum of Chuj used within home communities, the various genres, is presented with native definitions and criteria of excellence. How writing meshes with the oral genres and norms is examined. Spanish, as it is spoken by Chujs, is described and appropriate domains delimited. Finally, mono-dialectal samples and norms for speech and writing are compared with cross-dialectal/crosslinguistic materials.
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