A brief report on early 19th century Ixtapan Eastern Chatino

Un informe breve del chatino oriental de Ixtapan del siglo XIX

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Subject LanguageChatino, Eastern, Ixtapan
Language PID(s)ailla:247572
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleA brief report on early 19th century Ixtapan Eastern Chatino
Language CommunitySan Miguel Ixtapan Chatino
Place CreatedAustin, Texas, USA
Date Created2015-09-03
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DescriptionAbstract of the paper: A travel diary published in 1839 includes transcriptions of sixteen words in Ixtapan Eastern Chatino recorded in 1829. Though small, this is the earliest known sample of written Chatino, and shows both that a language very similar to contemporary Ixtapan Eastern Chatino was spoken around that site in the early 19th century, and that unstressed vowel loss–a process known to have affected nearly all Chatino topolects–was not complete, and may have been incipient in 1829.
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleSullivant, J. Ryan (Author)
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