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Collection LanguageChinantec, Sochiápam
Chatino, Tataltepec de Valdés
Language PIDailla:242621
Title [Indigenous]Koleksyòn chá' kwa'nǐ tza'an
Language of Indigenous Titlecta
TitleAILLA Tutorials
United States
Collector(s)Sicoli, Mark
Sullivant, J. Ryan
Depositor(s)Sicoli, Mark
Sullivant, J. Ryan
Project/Collector Website
Description [Indigenous]Nkwa'nì na grabà ji'ìn nyǎtèn no ntykwi' chá'knyá.
Language of Indigenous Descriptioncta
DescriptionWe recorded people speaking in Chatino.
ReferencesWoodbury, Anthony and Emiliana Cruz. 2014. Finding a way into a family of tone languages: The story and methods of the Chatino Language Documentation Project. Language Documentation and Conservation. Vol. 8. Pp. 490-524.