Some hypotheses regarding proto-hokan grammar

Algunas hipótesis sobre grámatica proto-hokan

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Subject LanguageHokan
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TitleSome hypotheses regarding proto-hokan grammar
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Descriptionhokgr --- Some hypotheses regarding proto-Hokan grammar. Terrence Kaufman. University of Pittsburgh. June 1989. September 2004. July 2011. Prepared for the Hokan-Penutian Workshop. July 4-5, 1989. Tucson, Arizona. Draft. Comments are welcome. Do not cite without permission. Copyright 1989 by Terrence Kaufman. Some editing 28 May 2004, 28 July 2011.
Kaufman-some_hypotheses_regarding_protoHokan_grammar-revd2015.pdf --- 2015 revision
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ReferencesKaufman T (2006), Hokan Languages. In: Keith Brown, (Editor-in-Chief) Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics, Second Edition, Volume 5, pp. 365-372. Oxford: Elsevier.
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleKaufman, Terrence (Author)
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