Stories about a Lazy Woman and about Corn

Cuentos sobre una Mujer Perezosa y el Maíz

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Subject LanguageIxil
Language PID(s)ailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]Po'tisam yol ti' ma'l u q'e'ayla ixoj tuch' u ixi'm
Language of Indigenous Titleixl
TitleStories about a Lazy Woman and about Corn
Language CommunityCotzal
Place CreatedAcademia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala, Pulay, Quiché, Guatemala
Date Created2016-09-29
Description [Indigenous]Aatz u lochonal nixe't tal ma'l u oot'la yol ti' ma'l u q'e'ayla ixoj, va'l jajaxte tu vitat tuch' vinan as sijut txul q'ota loq' q'osel u txul jal ib'ana utz ni'ch ku'en tel ta'l, oq'tek u ixoj taq'o tan ye'ichtek tootzaj kam sib'ane', a'koj b'oj ex nilochon in tx'i texh tu q'u tx'i'. Aatz ma'l u tx'i' ok xe' ka'. Aatztek q'u'l itxutx ib'aal u ixoj motxtek yaani utz talte as sachee ma'l iyaab'il tiq'ab' aya' q'u'l ye'k itz'akal atile. Aatz u k'uchunsa'm nitaq'ka utz echen sakunima kutat kunan tan b'entek tx'i'la txokop u ixoj. Aatz va't u oot'la yol utz aya' va'l ti' ichee u ixi'm tu u vatz amlika tx'ava', tan ni'ch motx inach iyikun u tx'ava' utz ti' tan atich ma'l u mam sivan ni'ch tab'il yol tuul utz niko'xh sa'koj motx ole' ti' iyikule'. Motx toq'sa bocina ech ib'an ma'l imoliib', kajay q'u aanima oponi, ta'xh ma'l vatz q'esla vinaj. Motx ix tab'i u sivan utz techalich tuul vi' tuul ech xe't ipaxi tuch' ch'ich', tze', pioocha loq' ye't motx ole'i echtek ijajtu lochb'al tu vatz q'esla vinaj utz ma'l ku'en lauxh tuch' ma'l sivan ijaja, ech ixe't ni'ch ku'en itze'lele'. Inik'a u sivan nichokax tu u vinaj utz isuti ti' tuul ni'ch itxaq'b'en u lauxh tuul, jajputek u sivan utz ech ichee u ixi'm, tuq'txun q'u aanima ti', motxtek ik'axatib' ti' tan ma'tich iyoq'tu vatz q'esla vinaj, yakichtek motx chikonoj ech tak'b'u u ixi'm.
Language of Indigenous Descriptionixl
DescriptionThe participant begins with a story of a lazy woman. Her parents asked her to make corn atol (a cornflour drink). But because she was lazy, she pounded the corn. The corn was tender and only had water. The woman began to cry, screaming that she did not know what she did and that they should help her. A dog began to put the corn on the molcajete stone (as it should be done). The parents scolded the woman, telling her that she was going to contract a disease in the hands that has no medicine (laziness). The moral of the story is to always obey one's parents. The woman became a snake. The participant tells another story about how corn appeared in the sky and the earth. There were people who moved the earth, but there was a stone so large that they could not carry it. They heard voices inside and people thought there were good things inside the stone. They brought people together by using a horn; everyone came except for a poor old man. The people went to listen to the stone and heard countless noises. Everyone tried to break the stone with machetes, sticks, and pickaxes, but nothing worked. They asked the old man for help too. He asked for a nail and a stone, but people doubted him. But, they brought him the things he asked for. He looked for the center of the big stone, put his nail there, and hit it with the stone. He turned the stone around and opened it. Inside the stone was corn and the community was very happy. People repented for making fun of the old man. They with all their strength and pride could not open the stone, but he was able to. They planted the cornfields and the corn multiplied.
Source NoteIXIL-CTZ-MIT-MTL-2016-09-29-0516
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleToma López, Magdalena (Speaker)
Toma Cruz, Antonio Moisés (Creator, Transcriber, Translator)
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