The Beginning of the Civil War

El Empiezo del Conflicto Armado Interno

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Subject LanguageIxil
Language PID(s)ailla:119533
Title [Indigenous]Ixe'teb'al u Tch'a'oj
Language of Indigenous Titleixl
TitleThe Beginning of the Civil War
Language CommunityChajul
Place CreatedAcademia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala, Pulay, Quiché, Guatemala
Date Created2016-09-29
Description [Indigenous]Yol ni b’an u q’esla q’es kam ib’an u tch’a’oj uva’ xe’t kuxhtu’, tul kam ib’an inq’a xaol paqte, uva’ nik tal u q’es tan ul ka’l naq inq’a vinaq tul tal tchaqnaq uva’ ye’ nikich isa’ tchaqnaq tx’i’ol iq’ij pet eela kuxh ivatz xaol nikich tal tchaqnaq b’aj, atetz tchan vet naq u xeen q’etz chich naq ti’ naq inq’a sol ul vet tchaqnaq chij tenam ti’ inuk’ux vet inq’a xaol, ti’ t’ub’ul, tul ya’lul vet tchaqnaq, ye’xhab’il kajij pet kaqayil xaol tz’ibal ib’ij tul nikich ib’en xaol patrullar, tzitzijxh xe’tik vet u tch'a'oj skuxo’l.
Language of Indigenous Descriptionixl
DescriptionThe account that the gentleman gives, what happened when the war began, and what the people did too, what the gentleman says, is that some men came to say that they did not want rich people, but that everything would be equal, the gentleman said. But there were also those who "took care” of us, he said for the soldiers who also arrived in the town and ordered each group by platoon, but the people were also forced. There was no one left, but from small to big they wrote their names on the list and went to patrol. That's when the war began in our midst.
Source NoteIXIL-CJL-HIS-BES-2016-09-29-0048
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleEscobar, Baltazar (Speaker)
Caba Mendoza, Pedro (Creator)
Mateo Ramírez, Domingo (Transcriber, Translator)
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