Reintroducing Teojomulco Chatino

Representar el chatino de Teojomulco

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Subject LanguageChatino, Santo Domingo Teojomulco
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Title [Indigenous]
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TitleReintroducing Teojomulco Chatino
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Country(ies)United States
Place CreatedAustin, Texas
Date Created2016-10
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DescriptionA journal article and supplementary appendix on the Chatino language of Santo Domingo Teojomulco as transcribed by Francisco Belmar in 1902. The article is also available at the publisher's website ( This resource also includes the data of the appendix in a less formatted text file.

Belmar (1902) contains a word list of Teojomulco Chatino forms which is the only extant data from this language. I show that Teojomulco Chatino is the most divergent Chatino language, a sister to the most recent reconstructions of Proto-Chatino (Campbell 2013), and that it has traits not found elsewhere in Chatino, including Zapotec-like stem-initial prominence, nasalization of penultimate vowels, and a unique analogue of the Proto-Zapotecan *kwe= proclitic. Lexical evidence suggests that Teojomulco Chatino has undergone significant contact with Zapotec languages. Based on this data, I propose a revised picture of the historical development of the Chatino branch of the Zapotecan languages.
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ReferencesSullivant, J. Ryan. 2016. Reintroducing Teojomulco Chatino. International Journal of American Linguistics. Vol. 82, no. 4. pp 393-423. DOI: 10.1086/688318
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleSullivant, J. Ryan (Author)
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