Text: Florencia Mejía 3

Texto: Florencia Mejía 3

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Subject LanguageChatino, Tataltepec de Valdés
Language PID(s)ailla:119704
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleText: Florencia Mejía 3
Language CommunityTataltepec Chatino
Place CreatedTataltepec de Valdés, Oaxaca, México
Date Created2011-08-01
Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionFlorencia Mejía talks about how music used to be played in the community, the authorities burning candles at various point where crosses have been put on Cerro Vidrio, Cerro Chinche, Cerro Agua Fría, Arroyo Arriba and Cerro de la Iglesia Vieja, mayordomía traditions, the feast of All Saints', her work as a potter making clay griddles which are strong enough that they don't break when dogs lay on them, making new copal censers for the All Saints' feast, other people who are skilled potters, the problems of eating out of metal or plastic pots, bringing gourd cups to the feast of the Virgin in Juquila.
Source Note
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleSullivant, J. Ryan (Researcher)
Mejía Cortés, Florencia (Speaker)
Cortés Jiménez, Celiflora (Translator)
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