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Subject LanguageChatino, Tataltepec de Valdés
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Title [Indigenous]
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TitlePersonal names
Language CommunityTataltepec Chatino
Place CreatedTataltepec de Valdés, Oaxaca, México
Date Created2012-07-26
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DescriptionSome personal names in Cháʔknyá. Native naming traditions have largely been replaced by Spanish naming traditions among Tataltepec's Chatinos. A person's Cháʔknyá name is an adaptation of their Spanish name (which is legally required), though very commonly the form adapted into Cháʔknyá is not the full Spanish name but the hypocoristic form (e.g. Ch. Lenchù < Sp. Lencho < Sp. Lorenzo). Speakers appear to prefer monosyllabic names or disyllabic names derived from the stressed trochee of the Spanish name (i.e. Ch. Teyà < Sp. Eleuteria /e.leu.ˈte.ɾja/). Because of this, multiple Spanish names may correspond to a single Chatino name (e.g. Stinù corresponds to both Justino and Faustino.) Names, being foreign loans, typically belong to tone class /(S)L/, though other tone classes are also attested.
For discussions of naming strategies in other Chatino languages, see:
Cruz, Emiliana. 2011. Phonology, tone and the functions of tone in San Juan Quiahije Chatino. Ph.D. dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin. Pp. 262-268.
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleSullivant, J. Ryan (Researcher)
Mateo Mejía, Flavia (Speaker)
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