Letter and thoughts

Carta y pensamientos

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Subject LanguageTucano
Language PID(s)ailla:119653
Title [Indigenous]
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TitleLetter and thoughts
Language Community
Place CreatedNew York
Date Created1964-02-17
Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionMUL038R047I001 starts out with Sorensen reading a letter that he had written in Spanish and sent to Don Hernández de Alba; in the letter he talks about his wishes and demands for his field work in the Vaupés, as well as his experiences with the SIL linguist-missionaries there. He later talks in English about the letter and why he wrote and sent it. He talks about other thoughts and plans that he has regarding his research and studies. At one point he says that the date is February 17, but he does not state the year on this side of the tape. This recording seems to have been made while Sorensen was a masters student at Columbia University.

MUL038R047I002 is a recording of Sorensen talking through his thoughts before he gets to work. It also seems to have been recorded while he was a masters student at Columbia. He gives the date March 11, 1964. He talks about anything that pops into his mind, including some linguistic analysis and cultural observations, as well as personal thoughts.
GenresField notes
Source NotePractice tape
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleSorensen, Jr., Arthur P. (Researcher)
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