Clarifying the Facts about Andrea Dawa

Clarificando los hechos de Andrea Dawa

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Subject LanguageQuechua, Pastaza
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Title [Indigenous]
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TitleClarifying the Facts about Andrea Dawa
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Date Created0000-00-00
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DescriptionClarifying the Facts about Andrea Dawa, Luisa Cadena's Grandmother

Reading bits of a book about Luisa Cadena's grandmother, Andrea Dawa to Luisa and getting her reaction to the portrayal. The Book was published in Ecuador by ONAPE 2005 by the Subdireccion Provincial de Cultura de Pastaza. The Luisa revisits a story told 18 years earlier about a jaguar attack against her grandmother.
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleNuckolls, Janis B. (Researcher)
Anachu Cadena, Eloise (Speaker)
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