Mixtec dialect survey: Page 14

Encuesta de dialectos mixteco: Página 14

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Subject LanguageMixtec
Language PID(s)ailla:119677
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleMixtec dialect survey: Page 14
Language Community
Place CreatedOaxaca
Date Created1975
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionC.H. Bradley's Mixtec dialect survey
This collection contains 24 folders marked "Page 1" through "Page 22," "Pgs. 18-22 various," and "Analysis and Misc." The transcriptions of Mixtec data are those of Bradley, with marginal notes by Josserand, identifying item numbers and noting glosses.
Each "Page" folder contains about 18 pages of transcription. Each page records about 35 words; columns are headed by the names of the source communities, and there are about five communities recorded per page.
Each folder is archived as a separate resource. The complete set is contained within deposit MIXT011. For more information about the Josserand collection, please see the Collection page and the overview documents made available there.
Source NotePage 14
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleJosserand, Kathryn (Researcher)
Contributor(s) Corporate / Role