Sentence Elicitation Project Overview

Sobrevista del Proyecto de Elicitación de Frases

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Subject LanguageMaya, Yucatec
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TitleSentence Elicitation Project Overview
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Place CreatedYucatán
Date Created2008-07
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DescriptionThe recordings in this deposit (YUA004) were made in June and July 2008 in Mérida, Santa Elena, Valladolid, and Xocen, Yucatán, México. In each recording, a speaker reads two different lists of sentences. (Each speaker reads the same set of sentences, but there are four different random orders of each list). In part A, 36 target words are each used in four different frame sentences, resulting in 144 sentences. In part B, there is one frame sentence that contains two target words. Twelve different target words are used, and each participant reads 24 sentences. The files “senlist_a” (I001) and “senlist_b” (I002) contain the four different sentence orders (for parts A and B, respectively) and English translations of the frame sentences, and the file “wordlist” (I003) contains English and Spanish translations of target words used in either part A or B.
The sentence list was designed in order to solicit the production of high tone, low tone, short, and glottalized vowels in different prosodic positions.
Source Notesenlist_a.doc; senlist_b.doc; wordlist.xls
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleFrazier, Melissa (Researcher)
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