1: Wayamó trade talk

1: Wayamó habla de comercio

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Subject LanguageYanomámi
Language PID(s)ailla:119546
Title [Indigenous]
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Title1: Wayamó trade talk
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Place CreatedKorianateri, Catrimani river
Date Created1965
Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionTwo people from different villages meet to exchange news. They have to use this lingua franca, the Wayamó language. This is classified Yanomám because it is from an area where they speak Yanomám.

The Wayamó language is learned by all the people of this area for use as a lingua franca. It is used when visiting people, as for a feast.

This recording is a visit from a man from the Wanabiuteri village on the Lobo Dalmada river, visiting the village of the Korianateri on the Catrimani river.

So each speaker meets in the center of the house. They speak to one another in Wayamó. One speaks, the other answers, in a rhythmic dialog. The visitor asks (ritually) for a present, they talk about news concerning witchcraft in the area, and they make an invitation for a raid or to make a political alliance for a raid.

This sort of talk is done at night. Daytime they eat and feast and hunt together.
These recordings have been normalized.
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleMigliazza, Ernest (Researcher)
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