Amazonian Languages Collection of Arthur P. Sorensen, Jr.

Colección de Lenguas Amazónicas de Arthur P. Sorensen, Jr.

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Title [Indigenous]
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TitleAmazonian Languages Collection of Arthur P. Sorensen, Jr.
Collector(s)Sorensen, Jr., Arthur P.
Depositor(s)Sorensen, Helen
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DescriptionThis collection includes drafts for articles, photographs, audio recordings, transcriptions, translations and field notes, created in the 1960's and 1970's.

A guide for this collection is available in English and Spanish.

Funds for archiving Part 1 of this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Part 1 includes the following resource numbers:

Part 2 of this collection was curated and ingested by Emily McDonald for her MSIS Capstone project in the School of Information at the University of Texas during the summer of 2014. Part 2 includes the following resource numbers:

Additional miscellaneous materials in this collection have been curated and ingested on an item-by-item basis. These resources include:

Part 3 of this collection was curated and ingested by Lily De La Fuente for her MSIS Capstone project in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin during the spring of 2016. Part 3 includes the following PID numbers:

The preservation of this collection was supported by the grants PD-50003-06 and PD-260978 from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Letter to AILLA
Letter from Helen Sorensen to Susan Kung, AILLA Manager, Carta de Helen Sorensen a Susan Kung, Directora de AILLA
Maps: Linguistic maps of the Río Negro region
A series of linguistic maps of the Río Negro/Vaupés region showing the locations of linguistic communities and their mother and father tongues. The base map is a based on a 1950 National Geographic map, and the linguistic data are included on translucent overlays, which were scanned with the base map underneath., Una serie de mapas lingüísticas de la región del Río Negro/Vaupés que demuestra las ubicaciones de comunidades lingüísticas según su lengua madre y lengua padre. El mapa subyacente se basa en un mapa de la revista National Geographic de 1950, y los datos lingüísticos están grabados en diapositivas, las cuales fueron captadas con el mapa por debajo.
Multilingualism in the Northwest Amazon: Papurí and Pira-Paraná regions
I001:Draft of paper given at 39th international Congress of Americanists and master editing copy. I002:Reprint of article from American Philosophical Society Year Book 1970 about grant project. I003: Report on grant for the American Philosophical Society Year Book. I004: Reprint of Article from American Anthropologist., I001: Borrador de una ponencia presentado en el Congreso 39o internacional de Americanistas; una copia para editores. I002:Una republicación del artículo del American Philosophical Society Year Book 1970 acerca de un proyecto de subvención. I003: Reportaje acerca de la subvención en American Philosophical Society Year Book I004: Republicacíon del artículo en American Anthropologist.
NIMH Awards for 1974-1975
Sorensen award listed under Support for Research Projects., Premio de Sorensen incluído en "Apoyo para Proyectos de Investigación.", NIMH Awards for 1974-1975. (1975, September). Anthropology Newsletter 16(7), 15-16.
The phonology of Tukano (Master's thesis)
This is the master´s thesis of Arthur P. Sorensen, Jr. The file Sorensen_Thesis_complete.pdf is the complete thesis. All .tif files are the original scans of the different chapters and sections of the thesis. Sorensen_Thesis_01_toc.tif - Thesis Front Matter i-iv Sorensen_Thesis_02 pp.1-16.tif - Thesis Chapter 0 - pp.1-16 Sorensen_Thesis_03 pp.17-21.tif - Chapter 1 - pp.17-21 Sorensen_Thesis_04 pp.22-27,tif - Chapter 2 - pp.22-27 Sorensen_Thesis_05 pp.28-35.tif - Chapter 3 - pp.28-35 Sorensen_Thesis_06 pp.36-63.tif - Chapter 4 - pp.36-63 Sorensen_Thesis_07 pp.64-92.tif - Chapter 5, Part 1 - pp.64-92 Sorensen_Thesis_08 pp.93-121.tif - Chapter 5, Part 2 - pp.93-121 Sorensen_Thesis_09 pp.122-142.tif - Chapter 6 - pp.122-142 Sorensen_Thesis_10 pp.143-153.tif - Chapter 7 - pp.143-153, Esta es la tesis de maestría de Arthur P. Sorensen, Jr. El archivo Sorensen_Thesis_complete.pdf es la tesis completa. Todos los archivos .tif son los escaneos originales de los diferentes capítulos y secciones de la tesis. Sorensen_Thesis_01_toc.tif - Páginas preliminares i-iv Sorensen_Thesis_02 pp.1-16.tif - Capítulo 0 - págs. 1-16 Sorensen_Thesis_03 pp.17-21.tif - Capítulo 1 - págs. 17-21 Sorensen_Thesis_04 pp.22-27,tif - Capítulo 2 - págs. 22-27 Sorensen_Thesis_05 pp.28-35.tif - Capítulo 3 - págs. 28-35 Sorensen_Thesis_06 pp.36-63.tif - Capítulo 4 - págs. 36-63 Sorensen_Thesis_07 pp.64-92.tif - Capítulo 5, Part 1 - págs. 64-92 Sorensen_Thesis_08 pp.93-121.tif - Capítulo 5, Part 2 - págs. 93-121 Sorensen_Thesis_09 pp.122-142.tif - Capítulo 6 - págs. 122-142 Sorensen_Thesis_10 pp.143-153.tif - Capítulo 7 - págs. 143-153, Vaupés
Professional Word Disavowal in Lowland South America
Outlines and notes for a presentation given at the 1989 Bennington Meetings in Vermont., Esbozo y apuntes para una ponencia impartada en 1989 en una reunión en Bennington College en Vermont.