Ashéninka Perené Collection of Elena Mihas

Colección de Ashéninka Perené de Elena Mihas

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Collection LanguageAshéninka Perené
Language PIDailla:119708
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleAshéninka Perené Collection of Elena Mihas
Collector(s)Mihas, Elena
Depositor(s)Mihas, Elena
Project/Collector Website
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThis collection was developed through fieldwork conducted in support of Mihas' doctoral dissertation. Her research was supported by a grant from National Science Foundation (BCS-0901196). The research was conducted in the communities of Pampa Michi and Marankiari Bajo, Department of Junín, Peru in the summer of 2009.
AILLA Administrative Documents - Mihas
Depositor's license agreement and deposit notes., Acuerdo de la licencia del depositante y notas del depósito.
The local despot Apiinka
Gregorio's yard. A story about the local despot Apiinka who virtually enslaved the locals and made them work for him without any pay until two outsiders (pajonalinos, i.e. dwellers of mountainous grasslands) killed him., Patio de Gregorio. Un cuento sobre la déspota local Apiinka, quien casi esclavizó los locales y les hizo trabajar por él sin pago hasta que dos extranjeros (pajonalinos, i.e. habitantes de prados montañosos) le mataron., Santa Ana, 08_25_09.mp4
Pifayo palm
Ruth's house. Pifayo is a type of palm., Casa de Ruth. Pifayo es una clase de palma., Bajo Marankiari, 090817.12.wav