Argentinian Languages Collection of Lucía Golluscio

Colección de Lenguas Argentinianas de Lucía Golluscio

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Collection LanguageWichí Lhamtés Vejoz
Language PIDailla:119560
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
TitleArgentinian Languages Collection of Lucía Golluscio
Collector(s)Golluscio, Lucía
Depositor(s)Golluscio, Lucía
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Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThis collection consists of audio recordings in a wide range of discourse genres.

Funds for archiving this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
ReferencesGolluscio, Lucía. (2000). "From the Nawel Ngïtram to "The Story of the Tiger": Issues in the translation of Mapuche verbal art." In Kay Sammons and Joel Sherzer, (eds.), Translating Native Latin American Verbal Art: Ethnopoetics and Ethnography of Speaking.
About ngellipun (community prayer)
I001: Description of the camaruco or Ngellipun (community prayer.) I002: Translation into Spanish, with terms in Mapuche., I001: Descripción del camaruco o Ngellipun (rogativa comunitaria). I002: En español (con términos en mapuche.)
I001: Ngïtramkan (conversation) between two elderly people, performed in the home of Lucerinda Cañumil in 1985. In tono it is extremely formal. I002: Translation and commentary., I001: Ngïtramkan (conversación)entre dos ancianos, ejecutado en la casa de Lucerinda Cañumil en 1985. En tono altamente formal. I002: Traducción y comentario.
Elicitation: Story of the Pillán
Beginning of the Pillán Ngïtran, El principio de Pillán Ngïtran, 2
This is a traditional genre., Se trata de un género tradicional.
Lost brother
Ngillandugun: Colinanun, Ngillandugun: Colinanun, 3
Mapuche Sacred Songs
These are four tayïl (sacred songs) sung by Rosa Prafil, sister of the chief Faqui Prafil. She was the cultronera del camamco (rogativa) and directed the ceremony, with her brother. Song 1: Filu Tayïl (Song to the serpent) that has to do with the family Song 2: Anecón Tayïl (Song to Anecón), This is an example of Mawida Tayïl (Song to the Mountain) Song 3: Song to the rain Song 4: Song to ask for good weather, Son cuatro tayïl (canciones sagradas) cantadas por Rosa Prafil, hermana del cacique Faqui Prafil. Ella era la cultronera del camamco (rogativa) y dirigió la ceremonia, con su hermano. Canción 1: Filu Tayïl (Canto a la víbora) que pertenece a la familia Canción 2: Anecón Tayïl (Canto a Anecón), Es un ejemplo de Mawida Tayïl (Canto a la Montaña) Canción 3: Canto a la lluvia Canción 4: Canto para pedir buen tiempo
Namku Tayïl
A performance that Lucerinda dedicated to her visitor, Adolfo Meli. It is a tayïl (sacred song) that pertains to Adolfo Meli., Ejecución que dedica Lucerinda a su visitante, Adolfo Meli. Se trata del tayïl (canto sagrado) que le pertenece a Adolfo Meli.
Pillám Ngïtram
Pillám Ngïtram, Pillám Ngïtram, 6
Story of the Tiger
This is a traditional story. The text in English appears in Sammons, Sherzer, 2000., Es una historia tradicional. El texto en inglés aparece in Sammons, Sherzer, 2000., Golluscio, Lucía. 2006. El Pueblo Mapuche: Poéticas de Pertenencia y Devenir. Buenos Aires: Ed. Biblos.