Arreola Valentín, Antonio

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Given Name(s)Antonio
Surname(s)Arreola Valentín
Place of OriginSan Pedro Tres Arroyos, Choapan, Oaxaca
DescriptionAntonio is a native speaker of Choapan Zapotec and was born in San Pedro Tres Arroyos. He began working on his language with linguists in the PDLMA in 2006. His primary goal for his summer 2012 work was to make sure the most complete and accurate information possible went into the Choapan Zapotec dictionary. He was the consultant on all dictionary verification sessions, recorded oral histories, and also consulted on grammaticality judgments for syntactic and word class tests. His voice can also be heard in recordings of Choapan Zapotec conversations with friends and family.
Depositor StatusN
Native Language(s)Zapotec, Choapan
Research Language(s)Zapotec, Choapan
Other Language(s) SpokenSpanish


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